Leaders give the Khatisa Cultural Heritage Foundation a thumbsup

Speakers at the Khatisa Chavalala Foundation’s prelaunch event at Siyandhani, in Giyani  gave the foundation aimed at continuing  the legacy of the late musician a thumbsup.

Member of parliament Joe Maswanganyi praised the organisers particularly Benson Ntlemo who came up with the idea.

“The idea can only come from one person and the others join and in this case it was Ntlemo who came up with the idea. He sold the idea to me and we discussed it and assisted each other,” said Maswanganyi.

He said the idea of the foundation was a good one and it will be supported.

The late  singer’s daughter said to her with the foundation in place it was like her mother was still alive.

“The immortalisation of my mother through the foundation has energised me to work hard as part of the institution that continues what my mother stood for,” she said.

Greater Giyani mayor Basani Shivambu who introduced Maswanganyi also said praised the founders for starting the foundation and said she also liked the music of the late singer.

Ntlemo said the idea came through seeing what the late singer did in her life time.

“She  never went to school but went on to record with big record companies like Wea and Gallo. She also looked after young poor kids, some with the intense type of poverty that dehumanizes and gave the shelter and sent them to school. This is something to cherish and preserve,” he said.

He said the idea of the prelaunch dinner came with the aim of thanking the Chavalala family for having granted the use of the name.

Matswalahosi Homu who represented the Chavalala family said the Chavalala family should also make a contribution to the foundation because it was making the family.

Hosi Aaron Mahumani who represented the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa made a contribution to the foundation to show support.

Hosi Siyandhani who is the one who blessed the foundation when the founders went to him to seek permission said he gave the idea a thumbsup because he saw it as good idea.

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