Noting the role played by legendary musician Khatisa Chavalala in her life it was resolved to start a foundation to further her legacy.

Born in 1946, she died in 2009 of natural causes.

The Khatisa Chavalala Cultural Heritage Foundation was started and registered as a Non profit company without members.

It presently has a board comprising five members.

There are many people who have come forward to identify with the aims and objectives of the foundation.

They are the “friends of the foundation.”

These are members of the foundation who contribute in various ways to the success of the foundation.

The foundation is assisted in its operations by people dubbed champions of several legacy projects.

 According to the secretary of the foundation Dennis Salane the foundation is driven by the spirit of patriotism and the love of culture and development.

The iconic singer was the daughter of Risenga Chauke who was the son of the legendary traditional healer Shamukwangwa Chauke.

She has received many certificates, trophies and awards in her illustrious career.

She also assisted many destitute kids.

She sent them to school and gave them shelter.

Her music in particular her use of traditional drum) and mhalamhala (blowhorn) and her music has no western influences.

In her honour the  Khatisa Chavalala Heritage Foundation has committed itself to pursue several legacy projects in her name.

The foundation has decided to identify a day known as the Khatisa Chavalala Day in which artists will perform I her memory.

There will also be Khatisa awards on the same day.

In conjuction with the Madonsi Traditional Council the  foundation seeks to build an interpretation centre to keep her historical artefacts as well as an amphitheatre.

There is also a plan for a news settlement in her name as well as other projects engineered by a holding company allied to the foundation.

The foundation will also take issues of indigent children as well as issues of women in n her name.

The foundation sought permission to use the Khatisa Chavalala name from the Chavalala family led by Hosi Siyandhani who who gave it a thumbsup.

The pre launch dinner was held at Siyandhani Community hall on Friday March 1  2019.

The launch was held  in Greenfarm PP Hlungwani High School ground  March 2  2019.


Secretary: Dennis Salane :0835877524 or

Spokesperson Elizabeth Chavalala: 0630777745